Mount-ntfs and UFSRead

What is it ?

This project consists of two tools:
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Developers wanted

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Theory of operation

Mount-ntfs is a tool that allows mounting NTFS partitions or file system image files read-only under Solaris.

To do so the tool provides an NFS network file server that takes its data from an NTFS partition or from an image file instead of taking it from a "real" (mounted) file system.

Then the network share is mounted using mount_nfs.

Limitations and bugs

Revision history

Fixed a bug: readdir() will now return the inode number of a file returned.
This is necessary for "bash" when using wildcards.


Theory of operation

UFSread is a graphical tool that allows listing files in an UFS partition. "Downloading" files from the UFS partition to the Windows file system is also possible.

I begun to include a CIFS network server so really mounting the UFS partition as network share may be possible in the future.
If you wish to continue work on the CIFS server: The server is implemented in the file "cifs.c"; "#define DOES_NOT_HAVE_MOUNTING" must be removed in the global header file.

Limitations and bugs

Device Mount GUI

First of all:
The device mount GUI has nothing to do with UFS or Solaris.

The device mount GUI is a tool that allows you easiely mounting hard disk partitions on Windows XP if you have the matching file system driver.
It may be used together with "ext2fsd", an EXT2 file system driver for Windows 2000/XP.
Unlike the tools that come with EXT2FSD this tool will mount the partition globally (for all users of a system) and not only for the user calling the program (useful if you start the program using "Run as...").
The reason why I put this program here is simple: I think it would be useful to write an "sol86fsd" driver based on the "ext2fsd" driver - a Solaris UFS driver for Windows 2000/XP.
(I think the driver will not work under Vista. :-( )


A (in the first version read-only) driver for Solaris file systems for Windows 2000/XP.
This is only an idea for now...

A file named "/x/y/z" would be mapped to "s:\Slice0\x\y\z". The "Slice0" directory is necessary because a Solaris partition typically contains multiple slices but Windows can only mount complete partitions!


This is a variant of mount_ntfs for mounting Linux EXT2 partitions under Solaris (read-only). The program is operated the same way as mount_ntfs with the following exceptions for the options:

This option does not exist (makes no sense for EXT2 partitions)

-uid UID
All files have this UID.
The UID must be numeric. Default: Use the UID from the EXT2 partition.

-gid GID
All files have this GID.
The GID must be numeric. Default: Use the GID from the EXT2 partition.

Use the access mask 0444 for files and 0555 for directories.

NFS server for Windows

A very simple NFS server for windows. Useful to transfer data between different computers (you may also use Samba) or when using Solaris in a virtual machine environment (such as VMware ®)
Note: The program is named "NFS server for Windows", not "winnfs" which is the name of a commercial NFS server. Only the directory (internal package name) and the ZIP file are named "winnfs" for an internal reason.